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How today’s most successful teams are leveraging analytics to win championships

In this sports analytics blog, Victor Holman provides the latest strategies to help coaches, analysts and management improve the IQ, team dynamics & execution of their players. Learn about sports analytics methodologies, best practices and latest trends as Victor brings real life examples with today’s teams. Victor Holman is a business performance expert, management consultant, Read More

How to Build Instant Credibility and Maximum Visibility For Your Business

Have you ever felt weighed down by lack of time, knowledge and expert staff to effectively market your business and gain maximum exposure and credibility? How would you like to be featured in major publications and sought out by clients because you’re seen as the authority go-to expert in your field? DOWNLOAD HOW TO BUILD Read More

How To Motivate Employees and Increase Morale

In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to have a motivated workforce.  Skilled employees have more options and resources to find opportunities that pay more, so it’s critical that you understand what it is that makes your high performing employees happy and encourages them to stay.  At the same time, you must also be Read More

Developing Metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators

  This presentation covers the basics of developing successful performance metrics; from developing winning KPIs, learning how to develop the right metrics, the rules of developing KPIs and metrics and common performance metrics for managing a successful organization.   Developing Metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators from Victor Holman ———————————————————————– Victor Holman is a Marketing Read More

What Is Lifecycle Performance Management?

  Lifecycle Performance Management is the systematic implementation of an enterprise-wide performance strategy involving all business units, systems and personnel.  It is a sequence of management processes, when combined, achieves a complete approach to managing performance from start to finish.  Lifecycle Performance Management focuses on all areas that determine the success of an enterprise, including: Read More

The Data Integration Lifecycle

Data integration is the process of combining data residing at different sources and providing the user with a unified view of the data. Access – Data comes from many sources, including legacy application and systems, databases, modern applications, various XML messages and numerous types of documents (spreadsheets, project plans, text documents, etc).  Identifying and accessing Read More

11 Steps to Improving Performance Through Data Collection and Gap Analysis

It is believed that metrics teams can only get 80% of the way to an effective set of metrics. The last 20% comes from deploying the metrics, seeing how they affect performance, and then adjusting them accordingly. The same can be said about the performance which these metrics guide. One of the main reasons we Read More

The Impact of Performance Management on Key Organizational Functions

Performance management is the foundation of any organization that has a vision and knows where they want to be in the near and long term future. As today’s rapidly evolving business environment challenges organizations to adapt to constant change, the need for organizations to be sure that their projects and activities are aligned with overall Read More

Why Your Organization May Need a Performance Improvement Strategy…

It is believed that having the right metrics can only get you 80% of the way to an effective performance metrics program. The last 20% comes from deploying the metrics, seeing how they affect performance, and then adjusting them accordingly. The same can be said about the areas which these metrics guide. One of the Read More

How to Evaluate Organizational Performance in Economic Hard Times

We’ve all made the decision to improve our appearance at some point in our lives. Maybe we’ve decided we were going to lose weight by dieting and exercise. Or maybe we’ve decided to gain strength by lifting weights. The first thing we did was stepped on that scale and said “Wow, I need to lose Read More