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Victor Holman Launches First Turnkey Sports Management and Strategy Execution Application

Agile Sports Analytics, LLC announces the launch of its Agile Sports Analytics application, the first team strategy and execution software designed for players, coaches, team analysts, and scouts. The app is driven by the Agile Sports Framework, which defines the roles, events, processes and tools teams need to measure player value and reach team goals.

Sports data is increasing at a lightning pace. Teams are scrambling to discover how to maximize their analytic programs and increase player value. And significant growth in analytics has created new opportunities to improve coaching and player performance.

“Salary caps have skyrocketed and teams are sinking $100s of millions on players who simply aren’t worth it,” says Victor Holman, founder of Agile Sports Analytics. “That’s because teams don’t have a process to effectively manage the growth of their data, so that players can act upon it.”

The Agile Sports Analytics application was designed to help teams leverage the rise of spatial data, neural networks, and advanced algorithms used to analyze player performance. With change being a constant, teams that surface to the top are the teams that can absorb the data coming in, translate it to meaningful information, make quick, informed decisions and yield constant, quantifiable improvements.

“The main challenge that is keeping teams from unlocking the full potential of their data is their inability to translate complex data sets into information that players can easily understand, and most important, learn how to add value,” says Holman. “Sports data is useless if it can’t be easily analyzed and acted on by the players.”

Holman believes that over the next few years the teams that build rosters with players who can add quantifiable value and contribute to team goals will reap the greatest returns. What sets Agile Sports Analytics apart from any other coaching or management style is the concept of Player Value Cards. Through Player Value Cards players select and commit to a set of metrics (defined by the analyst) that they plan to execute.

It’s like fantasy sports, but for players where the players earn points based on the value they deliver. “Players have fun and learn how to create value. And coaches get their game plan executed. It’s a win/win situation,” says Holman. Agile Sports Analytics helps teams plays with synergy.

“Teams are already capitalizing on data to make informed management decisions. But they struggle to convert this information into tools that players can understand, create value and translate to actions on the court.”

The Agile Sports Framework is a groundbreaking strategy modelled from the Agile software methodology and Scrum principles, which Fortune 500 and top companies use to execute their strategies.

For college and professional teams, it provides a framework for setting player and team goals and measure value. For high school and youth sports, it teaches kids how to understand metrics and create value.

Watch the application video:  
Watch the framework video:

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